Postcards from Alums: A Series About Reconnection

In this special series, "Postcards from Alums," we reconnect with 4 individuals, delving into their current endeavors and reflecting on the role SGS continues to play in their lives.
Meet Caroline, Class of 2021
Caroline is currently spending her junior year studying abroad in Zaragoza, Spain. Since her arrival, she has traveled to places near and far, picking up new skills along the way. She lives with her host family and thoroughly enjoys traveling with friends and her host family. 

Read Caroline's feature HERE

Meet Hannah, Class of 2019
Hannah is currently a freshman at Yale, planning to major in Statistics & Data Science as well as Humanities. In her feature, she provides a detailed explanation of the first-year program—Directed Studies—and discusses how SGS has equipped her with the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in this demanding course. 

Read Hannah's feature HERE. 

Meet Nisa, Class of 2004
Nisa is an alumni from SGS's inaugural class of '04. In addition to her alumni status, Nisa currently serves on the Board of Trustees. In this feature, we delve into how SGS has impacted her life, why she returned to serve on the Board, and gain insight into her enduring friendships with fellow classmates. 

Read Nisa's feature HERE.

Meet Tatum, Class of 2022
Tatum is currently a 10th grader at Lincoln High School. In her feature, she'll take you on a journey through her favorite memory from SGS and give you the inside scoop on the sports she's passionate about! 

Read Tatum's feature HERE
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