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  • June

    8th Grade Idea Incubator Culmination

    Bre Caruso, Science/Technology
    What problems do you hope to solve? Our students started this term by dreaming big and discussing solutions to real world problems that span continents, impact them personally, or are in the community. In the Idea Incubator students reflected on problems that they could solve in the categories of Academic, Cultural, and Environmental before designing a solution that integrated a microbit (a small microprocessor). Throughout the term they've gone through multiple iterations of their designs and made various prototypes to improve their product. 
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  • May

    A Chat with Dr. Cunningham, SGS School Psychologist

    For over a decade, school psychologist Dr. Ronnie Cunningham (Dr. C) has been providing mental and emotional assistance to SGS students. His strong connection with both the community and our student support team has been paramount to the success of our mission: empowering young learners. We had the privilege of having a quick, 15-minute chat with Dr. C, asking him a few questions about his history with SGS, how he works with the student support team, and what he recommends for students who need help.
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  • March

    8th Grade Art Show: Realizing A Vision

    Ani Orantes-Seijo, Visual Arts Teacher
    This week we congratulate the 8th graders on an amazing opening of their art show called, Realizing a Vision 2024.  During the Winter term, 8th graders were given the opportunity to work on an independent study for the entire winter term.  After several years of building foundational art skills, and learning about a wide range of artistry through more structured projects, students were given the freedom to develop their own body of work that was then displayed at the Vera Project Art Gallery.
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  • February

    Postcards from Alums: A Series About Reconnection

    In this special series, "Postcards from Alums," we reconnect with 4 individuals, delving into their current endeavors and reflecting on the role SGS continues to play in their lives.
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  • A Model of Collaboration: SGS Lab Unveiled!

    Jordan Hodge
    Science teacher, Jordan Hodge, walks us through the inner-workings of the science lab and explains how it serves as a model for collaboration, a core SGS principle here at SGS.
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  • January

    Starting the Year Strong!

    Maddie Scharnitzke
    SGS Learning Specialist, Maddie Scharnitzke, offers invaluable insights into setting New Year's resolutions. She emphasizes the significance of establishing realistic intentions and highlights the importance of parental mindfulness towards their own goals. 
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Located in the Central District, Seattle Girls' School is an independent school for girls and gender nonconforming students in grades 5-8. Our mission is to inspire and develop courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, learn joyfully, and champion change.