Wendy Ewbank

7th Grade History/Social Studies

B.A.s Radio/TV/Film and Dance, University of Maryland

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Washington

Wendy teaches on the 7th grade team with a primary emphasis on social studies. She is also an advisor, facilitator of our SGS Student Council and faculty lead on a 7th grade trip to Washington, DC. She has been the faculty advisor for our Richard’s Rwanda/IMPUHWE chapter since founder Jessica Markowitz was in the 7th grade (2008). Wendy holds B.A.s in film and dance from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Education from the University of Washington, specializing in curriculum and instruction in social studies.

Why do I love middle school?  Middle school students are fun loving, spirited and willing to take risks. They are just figuring out who they are as individuals and appreciate being asked how they think and feel about real world issues. They love any opportunity to include drama (as do I) and are not as likely as high school students to have fixed ideas about their identities. They make me laugh and they challenge me to be a better person.

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