7th and 8th Grade Art

by Ani
In 7th grade, we are practicing creating art inspired by a piece of writing.  Students created 6-word memoirs of who they are now. Poems that students created ranged from silly six words to intensely personal and serious. With poems in-hand, students are now practicing translating words and abstract ideas into something visible. The range of materials and how students expressed their poems is really fun to see.  Each person is a true individual and this project really allowed them to show that individuality.

The 8th-grade class is now well into their independent projects. The projects range from life-sized people sculptures, paper mache sculptures, to sewing and fiber arts projects, photography, and of course, folks doing mixed media and painting projects. This art room is always a buzz of joyful creating and students willing to lend a helping hand.  

As we continue the term students will get chances to break into groups of artists using like materials, or groups of artists that are doing wildly different projects.  In these groupings, they can practice sharing their own work and asking for help, as well as practice being a sounding board when others need assistance.  It has been very cool to see students getting into projects especially when they get an idea that takes them into a new avenue that they hadn’t considered before. I look forward to helping the students share their finished projects with the world.
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