6th Grade Medical School

Winter term is 6th grade is all about medical school! SGS Medical school. After spending time understanding each body system and how they all work together, students get to specialize! They select a system that is most interesting to them and learn deeply about how it works, the major structures (organs, cells), and why it is important. Once they have a strong understanding, they prepare a teaching lesson for 3rd and 4th grade students. This year, students from Giddens came to SGS. 6th Graders created and presented interactive activities, poster boards, and more. The final stage of medical school involved specializing even further into their body system. They select a disease, condition, or syndrome and learn all about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. They will practice, practice, and practice some more in order to recall this new knowledge  all from memory. Come celebrate the culmination of SGS medical school on March 23rd, 5:30-8pm, at SGS, as students answer questions in front of a board of real medical professionals!
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