Wednesday Workshop Recap

by April
During the eight weeks of Winter Wednesday Workshops we were able to offer another round of amazing classes. Classes ranged from sports and art to singing and designing.  Some students designed their own light fixture from scratch from creating the blueprint, selecting the materials and also thinking about design to serve its purpose. Our photography class learned about the different styles of art and angles in which to photo an object and learned about the basics of using a camera. Our step class worked over the eight weeks to come up with a mini performance to showcase all they learned through dance, step and learning about culture and history.  

In our active workshops, students had the chance to boulder, learn the basics of tennis, get some time on punching bags at Cappy’s Boxing or even be introduced to golf.  In the art classes students learned new mediums for our students to explore and bring out their creative side through stop motion animation, comics, Dungeons and Dragons and digital art.  As Wednesday Workshops happen three times a year at SGS, our students get a chance to get immersed in a non-traditional academic class but hopefully learn something new that they may decide to pursue after that eight week course is complete.

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