8th Grade Idea Incubator Project

The Idea Incubator is a 8th grade, term long project that takes place during science and tech classes. Over the course of the spring term students will design, prototype, and iterate their engineered solutions! The goal is for our engineers to identify a real world problem or current intervention and improve the problem at hand. Students gain skills in coding, app development, robotics and problem solving. 

Currently, 8th graders are practicing  moving through the engineering design process, designing with empathy and exploring how Artificial Intelligence exists in our everyday lives. Students are learning about the predictive capabilities of AI, how algorithmic bias occurs in different AI systems, and its impact on various human stakeholders. As we work toward the end of the term, students will begin preparing to showcase their ideas. The Idea Incubator culmination is the chance for students to pitch their prototype, explain their process and hear feedback from experts in related fields. They will present their final prototypes of their project at the Idea Incubator culmination (June 1) to classmates and adult volunteers, taking questions and responding to the immediate constructive feedback from their peers. Stay tuned, our budding engineers are percolating incredible solutions for a variety of problems!

Mia designed this  prototype to solve an everyday problem for Mica because “ (Mica) didn’t have anywhere in their bag to put trash in and all the trash just ended up at the bottom of their bag”.
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