5th Grade Science

by Marcele
This Fall, 5th graders have focused on understanding the initial stages of the scientific process: observations and hypothesis building. Throughout the term, we’ve been studying the properties of liquids!

In our latest science experiment, students explored surface tension, cohesion and adhesion of water. They learned surface tension and cohesion causes a layer of liquid to behave like a thin plastic sheet. That’s why you can get an object, like a paper clip, to sit on top of water! The students will tell you it was a challenge! With careful and deliberate practice, it’s not only possible but some students were able to place 10 or more paper clips on top before breaking the surface tension of the water. Students also explored the force of adhesion by carefully counting how many drops of water fit on a penny! Students came up with different numbers, but the average range was. 27-35 Here is link to a video taken of the project in action.
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