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A Seattle Girls’ School Open House is an opportunity for prospective parents/guardians and students to learn about SGS, meet faculty, staff, students, and current parents/guardians. Our faculty prepares small activities and lessons for students to get a hands-on idea of what life as an SGS student is like, while families have the opportunity to really get to know our community.

Thursday, November 1, 2018, 6-8pm

December 1, 2018, 10am-12pm

In August you will be able to RSVP for an Open House through Ravenna or by contacting the admissions office at or 206-709-2228 ext:1220.


We encourage all prospective students and guardians to attend an SGS tour!

SGS tours are designed to give you a real appreciation for what happens at Seattle Girls’ School. During the tour you will visit classrooms, meet students, see our remarkable faculty in action, witness our integrated and project-based curriculum, have a Q+A with our school leadership, and see that a typical day at SGS is anything but typical!

SGS Tour Dates and Times
All tours are from 9:00-10:00 AM.

Tour Dates to be announced this summer for fall 2018.

RSVP for an SGS Tour through Ravenna or by contacting the admissions office at or 206-709-2228 ext:1220

Parent/Guardian Education Event: Supporting Our Girls through the Middle School Years

Parents and Guardians join us at SGS for an engaging evening from SGS founding faculty and Outreach Specialist Rosetta Lee as she talks about puberty, adolescence, identity search, relationship drama, gender bias, and self doubt. Becoming a middle school girl can be fraught with challenges at every corner. How do we keep our girls resilient through this turbulent time?  Examine the crossroads of socio-emotional development, identity, gender differences and bias, and adolescence that your girls are entering, what research says about best practices toward connectedness, resilience, healthy relationships, and self esteem, and what Seattle Girls’ School does to specifically apply the practices. This is an adult only event.

Event Date to be announced summer of 2018.

RSVP for this event through Ravenna or by contacting the admissions office at or 206-709-2228 ext:1220